Ed's Bait Shop
Hwy 20 South
Devils Lake, ND

  Welcome to Ed's Bait Shop

             Ed's Bait Shop has been a staple in Devils Lake, ND for many years.  If you have been to Devils Lake fishing, you have heard

     of Ed's Bait. Ed's is your one stop shop in the Lake Region!  We carry a large selection of tackle that is used for great fishing on Devils Lake,

    bait, propane, unleaded gas, premium gas, diesel, snacks, on/off sale and we also offer guide services.


            We are located on Hwy 20 South, which is about 1 mile off ND Hwy 2.



         Our staff is made up of local and knowledgeable fishermen that know the lake.  We are always happy to help you prepare for

     a great fishing experience.  We can mark spots on a map, give you current hot spots and fishing tactics for Devils Lake.


     Check us out.... we are happy to help you make your next fishing adventure a success!


                                         ICE FISHING PACKAGES AVAILABLE!!!!

                                                     WE NOW OFFER SLEEPER HOUSES!!!!

          Sleeper house rates are $325.00 for 24 hours. We are setting the time NOON-NOON. Allows you to get evening bite and next monring. An additional $100.00 will be charged if you would like to fish till dark after the following noon time arrives.

                                                                                 DAILY HOUSE RATES

                                                              4 PERSON HOUSE - $250.00 PER DAY - 6-8 HOLES

                                                              3 PERSON HOUSE - $225.00 PER DAY - 4-6 HOLES

                                                              2 PERSON HOUSE - $175.00 PER DAY - 3-4 HOLES


          3 NIGHTS LODGING/2 DAYS FISHING                                                          4 NIGHTS LODGING/3 DAYS FISHING

                                 600.00/PERSON                                                                                                   875.00 PER PERSON


                                                                   (*PUT NUMBER OF DAYS FOR PACKAGE DOWN BELOW)

                                                          NIGHT STAY IN LAKESIDE HOME FULLY FURNISHED

                                                          DAYS FULLY GUIDED FISHING

                                                          MORNING OF BREAKFAST AT CEDAR INN

                                                          DAYS OF PACKED LUNCH

                                                          DAYS OF FISH CLEANING


* All of our guides eqiup the customer with heated ice houses, rod and reel combos, all bait needed, Vexilar's. We fish

with you the entire day. Always working togeather to make sure your on the best possible bite to our knowledge. Sit back

relax and have fun! We will do all the work, you do all the catching.